Let’s get the JogAlong Stroller Rolling Together!

JogAlong Stroller is passionate about helping families enjoy quality time together outdoors.  The reciprocating arms embrace your natural movement, allowing parents to focus on the experience with their children

Why we need you on the team

If you are one of the 10 Million people who have seen our video, you know why people keep asking us, “When can I get mine?”

Because the JogAlong Stroller carries children, we’re following the highest safety standards, which involves undergoing an expensive 3rd party certification.

Your investing in JogAlong will benefit active families, and sharing the word with your friends and family will help us do it faster

6 Reasons To Invest In This Product…

  1. Ergonomics – JogAlong is the world’s first stroller to enable proper running and walking form.
  2. Value – JogAlong is 3-in-1 jogging stroller, bicycle trailer and standard stroller.
  3. Family Friendly – JogAlong brings parents and children together for outdoor exercise.
  4. Engaged Audience – JogAlong has a loyal following with an email list of over 12,000 potential customers.
  5. Innovation – JogAlong holds 4 global patents protecting our technology.
  6. Team – We assembled an accomplished team to support manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, and distribution.

Investing through Wefunder

Wefunder is a crowdfunding platform that helps people invest as little as $100 in the startups they love. It has helped hundreds of startups, founders, and early-stage companies like ours raise hundreds of millions of dollars from thousands of people like you.

  1. Is it secure? – Yes, Wefunder is regulated by and complies with nearly 1,000 pages of SEC and FINRA regulations.
  2. Where does the money go? When you invest, your funds are transferred to an escrow account controlled by an independent bank.  If the fundraiser succeeds, your money will be released to JogAlong Stroller LLC. Otherwise, it and associated fees will be refunded to you.

Learn More about investing in JogAlong Stroller on Wefunder

P.S. Let’s plant trees together

For every $100 invested, JogAlong is partnering with OneTreePlanted to plant a tree in your name at the location of your choosing in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.