Jogalong Jogging Stoller Review from Taylor – Atlanta, GA
I took a GREAT run yesterday late afternoon! It was very comfortable. Very smooth. I found the further I went the more natural my arms felt going with the stride. I didn't have any problems with the set up or take down (proud of myself!!) - Taylor | Atlanta, GA
Jogalong Jogging Stoller Review from Alex – Wichita, KS
After I kicked up the pace a bit and placed the handles back to the original position I felt more comfortable with my arms for sure. Turning the curves in the path proved to be only slightly difficult in my opinion. I think once I got a few down it got easier to almost "wheel up" the stroller as I turned or just push down on the handles to take weight off the front wheel. Simple and nothing I couldn't handle. Being someone that enjoys a good jog having the stride feature was the captivating part of the experience. Not having to keep my arms stationary really made my run more pleasant and feel so natural to my body’s movement. - Alex | Wichita, KS
I am in love with this stroller. Not only because my daughter was relaxed, rested and more importantly safe, but I could really go!! All you think about is running, you don't feel the weight and the bumps. There is no pushing! You just go. - Nadia | Dallas, TX
Jogalong Jogging Stoller Review from Homer – Wichita, KS
Amazingly it felt lighter when jogging than others. It felt like it was going with me, as opposed to me pushing. Just loved the action of it, and its collapsibility. Also, with the ability to convert into a bike along I was amazed. I loved the big bag for keys, cell phone, and diapers or kid busy accessory storage. - Homer | Wichita, KS