Your First Jog or Walk


Let’s talk about your first jog or walk with the stroller! Please make sure to go through the quick start card and check that everything is physically ready on the stroller including the adjustment of the handle height and make sure the arm brake is unlocked. Before you take your first step, be assured, you will get to the point that all of what we describe for walking, running, jogging and turning, will become second nature, and you will get it! Now, one more thing before we start, pull back on both handles so the front wheel comes off the ground and pivot the stroller to the left and the right while it’s resting on the rear wheels. You have just learned how to steer abruptly in case you need too. Now, let’s give it a go!

First, find an uncrowded flat area with room on either side of the JogAlong Stroller. For example, an uncrowded bike path, empty parking lot, quiet cul-de-sac… you get the idea. With a handle in each hand, begin by slowly jogging or walking in a straight line. Relax and imagine that you are by yourself instead of pushing a stroller. Give your body a few minutes to get accustomed to this and soon your arms will find their natural rhythm.

Sometimes it is easy to overthink it and force your arms to move (don’t worry — we did too the first time). It’s natural to feel a little self-conscious on your first try. The best training advice we can give you is to relax.

If you get stuck and feel you didn’t fall into the rhythm you wanted after a few minutes, put the parking brake on the stroller, and jog without the stroller just enough that you feel your arms finding their regular motion, as soon as you feel it, go back to the stroller, unlock the brake, and try again. We are confident you will get it, but be patient with yourself.

Just in case, here is another way to start. Imagine that each handle on the JogAlong is like a glove. The glove is just along for the ride on each hand when you run or jog. Now instead of pushing the stroller, just jog in place for a little bit, this will help you get your rhythm down.

In the beginning, you may not move in a perfectly straight line. This is normal the first time you use the exercise stroller. With a little practice, JogAlong control, operation, turning and arm motion will all become second nature.

Individuals familiar with stationary-bar jogging strollers will have to adjust to the new natural movement of the JogAlong. The natural form will feel different than what you are used to, so it might take a few tries to break old habits and allow yourself to be comfortable. Just be patient and don’t give up. You’ll become an expert JogAlong user in no time!