Connecting To Your Bike


The JogAlong Stroller comes with a bicycle trailer hitch.

To attach to a bicycle:

  • First verify that the quick release skewer included with the trailer hitch is compatible with your bicycle. If you have any question about this please visit your local bicycle shop and ask for their assistance. It is an easy part to install, but if the attached skewer does not fit your bike its puts you and your child at risk if the skewer installation is not done properly.
  • Release the quick release lever on your rear bicycle wheel.
  • Unscrew and remove the nut and spring from the end of the quick release skewer.
  • Pull the skewer out from the left side of your bicycle.
  • Unscrew and remove the nut and one spring from the skewer included in the JogAlong Stroller Trailer Kit.
  • Insert the skewer and one spring first through hole in the trailer hitch forging (as shown) then through the left side of the axle on your bicycle.
  • Add the spring and start the nut onto the skewer.
  • Close the quick release lever and tighten the nut with your fingers until tight.
  • Open the quick release lever and tighten the nut another full revolution.
  • Tighten the quick release lever and verify that the bicycle wheel and trailer forging are securely attached to the bicycle by trying to pull the bicycle wheel out of its mounting slot.
  • Also, verify that there are at least two full threads of the skewer showing through the nut. If there are not two full threads showing please go to your local bicycle shop for assistance you will need a longer skewer for safe operation.
  • Place the trailer hitch inside the channel of the forging and align the hole in the hitch to the hole in the forging.
  • Remove the safety clip from the pin and drop the pin in from the top of the forging.
  • Re-attach the safety clip to the pin
  • Secure the safety strap around part of the frame of the bicycle. Make sure the strap does not interfere with any of the bicycle wheel or brake components.
    Also make sure the strap does not bind when turning the bicycle to the right or left.