A Neighbor, a Coincidence, and the Emma Creek Classic

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Image by Becky Klaassen

Jennifer, a neighbor in Wichita, is a runner among other things. When we cross paths, I make a point to ask her about her next race or competition because she goes to some interesting events in cool places. A couple of examples are the Stockholm Swimrun  and the Taraweara Ultramarathon in New Zealand. You can check out her blog and experiences with the SwimRun in Sweden or the UltraMarathon in New Zealand.

Now, personally, I get nervous about races that require a wetsuit to stay warm in ocean water. I admire those of you who can do it, but I am not a strong swimmer, so for now I will stick with running and a traditional Black Canyon Triathlon (mini, swimming in the pool!) in Montrose, Coloroado that my brother and some friends do to celebrate his birthday.

When we were making videos for the JogAlong website, I asked Jennifer to participate with her niece. She agreed, and once she was on board with the JogAlong, she started telling her friends about it. One of them, Becky Klaassen, wrote to me and asked a couple questions. We chatted a little bit and I asked her where she was from. She and Jennifer grew up in Wichita and ran cross country together at North High School, which is pretty close to where I live currently. But, Becky told me, she now lives on a farm with her husband and son near Canton.


That’s where my family’s farm is and where I grew up!

The town of Canton, Kansas is tiny, with a population of about 750 people. Like many small towns, we advertise some of our claims to fame, like our hot and cold water towers and especially the Maxwell Game Preserve, a great place to spot bison and elk in the natural Kansas prairie.

Running into somebody who actually knows about Canton or lives there is rare, so my connection with Becky is special.

I invited her to try out the stroller and she used it around her farm and surrounding country roads. Becky also ran with it in the Emma Creek Classic in Hesston, Kansas on April 23rd. The Emma Creek is a women and girls only race that began 25 years ago. Some interesting history of the race:


Becky and her son, Lance (pictured above), did well in the race. The JogAlong in public always generates some questions, so this was also a great opportunity for us to spread the word.  Stay tuned for a special interview with Becky about running, parenting, participating in the Emma Creek Classic, and her experience with the JogAlong.

Thank you for reading!

By Mike Dresher

Mike Dresher is a mechanical design engineer who enjoys running and biking. He is the founder of JogAlong Stroller.